Tuesday, March 30, 2010


My goal for April is making household plans that will help me be more organized and save money. I am planning on making a list of all the items that we currently use so that I'm not just shopping for "things" just because they're on sale or a bargain.

My first plan will be for our menus. I find that I can print out a calendar and write on each day a meal. I don't necessarily follow it day to day but I do much better just having the calendar there to pick which meal I am going to fix. I am going to prepare the list of meals that I will make this month and then I can check my pantry to see the grocery items that I need. I can then watch the sales and pick things up as they go on sale.

The other pantry items that I need to keep track of are our personal care items. I have been able to stock up on these things but have given many away also. I need to sit down and determine how much our family actually uses so that I don't go overboard...a problem of mine when I get excited about a sale.

My cleaning items are sparse right now so I need to watch for sales on these items. I have tons of "smelly" things and really don't need to get anymore of those.



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