Saturday, March 6, 2010

Gas Savings

I just stopped at my local gas station to get some gas. I usually just swipe my debit card and fill up. I have always rationalized that I need to have gas because my job requires that I am "on call". I average about 20 trips a week to my workplace which is a 20 mile round trip. When I stopped at the gas station I saw a sign for 3cents off per gallon if you pay for a gas card. I am committed to using cash only so thought I could just run in and pay for a gas card to save a few cents. After I filled up I figured out how much it saved me just this one trip. When I got home I pulled up my checking acct. records to see how much I spent in gas last year. I could have save about $30.00 over the course of the year. I know this doesn't sound like much but we put gas in 3 cars and $30.00 in my pocket is better than in someone else. I am going to continue now that I have figured this out to put my cash on a card so I can save on my gas.




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