Friday, March 12, 2010

I LOVE Rite Aid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Above is a picture of all my deals. Missing is a diet coke, snickers and skittles. I stopped by to show my daughter my good deals on her lunch hour and she needed some sugar. I also purchased a Rite Aid bag to carry my coupon box in. I am so excited that I discovered Rite Aid that I want to advertise their company!

I couldn't stay away from Rite Aid today and went to do a few more deals. I spent $13.80 and received $144.25 worth of products. I will also be getting back $21.00 in rebates. Sooooo, when all is said and done I made a profit of $7.20.

I did 5 transactions and went to 3 different Rite Aid stores in my town. I wanted to check out how coupon friendly they were. Two of the stores were amazing. The cashier had to call the managers of both of these stores to complete my transactions because they had problems with a couple of the coupons. At one of the stores the manager asked me how I got my information to do their deals and I gave him a few of my favorite blogs. At the third store the cashier was totally overwhelmed with the idea of handling coupons. She wanted to ring each item separately which of course would have messed me up using the $5/$20 and $5/$25 coupons. I just smiled and told her I would go to another store in town that was used to handling my coupons.



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