Wednesday, March 31, 2010


We're in Florida visiting our son and grandson. We also came here to meet our exchange student daughter from Brazil. She lived with us in 1999/2000. Her and her family came to Orlando for vacation to go to Disney. We hadn't planned on going to any of the parks but her family wanted to treat us to a day. I am just amazed at God's encouragement. She told us she wanted us to go with her to the Magic Kingdom. We arrived at the parking area 15 minutes after her and they stopped people from entering 7 cars in front of us because they said the Magic Kingdom was full. We were given a voucher for our inconvenience for FREE parking at another park and 50% off one meal. We ended up going to Epcot instead. We saved $14 on parking, $25 on food and got a 20% coupon for merchandise which saved us another $5. I'm going to take this as God's encouragement that we're on the right road to getting our finances where they need to be so we can do his work.

They highlights of the day were going through the international areas and riding on the ride Soaring.

YEAH! Kinder Surprise Giveaway winner.

I'm so excited to send these out. The lucky winner is.........Darth Mama. I went to and the lucky number was 7. Thank you all who entered! Have a very Happy Easter.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


My goal for April is making household plans that will help me be more organized and save money. I am planning on making a list of all the items that we currently use so that I'm not just shopping for "things" just because they're on sale or a bargain.

My first plan will be for our menus. I find that I can print out a calendar and write on each day a meal. I don't necessarily follow it day to day but I do much better just having the calendar there to pick which meal I am going to fix. I am going to prepare the list of meals that I will make this month and then I can check my pantry to see the grocery items that I need. I can then watch the sales and pick things up as they go on sale.

The other pantry items that I need to keep track of are our personal care items. I have been able to stock up on these things but have given many away also. I need to sit down and determine how much our family actually uses so that I don't go overboard...a problem of mine when I get excited about a sale.

My cleaning items are sparse right now so I need to watch for sales on these items. I have tons of "smelly" things and really don't need to get anymore of those.

Homemade Granola


I just finished a batch of homemade granola. I discovered this recipe at Christmas time and have been making it ever since. It is so much better and cheaper than the store bought kind. We eat if for a snack or put it in vanilla yogurt. It's really, really good.

3 cups oats
1/2 cup walnuts
1/2 cup sunflower seeds
1/2 cup slivered almonds
1/2 cup cashews
1 cup craisins
1 tablespoon cinnamon
Mix the above together in large bowl

1/2 cup oil
1/2 cup honey
1/2 cup brown sugar
Mix these 3 ingredients in a small bowl and heat in microwave for 30 seconds. Pour over oat/nut mixture and mix really good. Spread on large cookie sheet and bake at 250 degrees for 45 minutes or until oats brown. Stir every 15 minutes. Cool and stir frequently while cooling. Enjoy!


We went last night to the IKEA store. WOW! If you are shopping for your home this is the place to go. The prices were crazy inexpensive. We checked the tags many time not believing that they were accurate. The quality of the items appear to be really nice too. I purchased a few small items but will find the IKEA store nearest to our home in Michigan next time I want to make a purchase of any homegoods and make the drive. It will be well worth it.

Kinder Surprise Giveaway

Oh, I am so excited! We met up with our exchange student daughter yesterday and she brought the Kinder's. You have a little more than 24 hours to enter my giveaway. Leave a comment here or on my previous post.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Walgreen's $4 Money Maker

I just made my first run of the week to Walgreen's. We're heading out of town and I wanted to get a few things for our house.

1 Dove Shampoo
1 Dove Conditioner
5 Airwick I Motion

I did 2 transactions and paid $4 OOP and I have $8 RR to spend in Florida. Wooohooo!


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Walgreen's 3/28 to 4/3

Here are the highlights that I have found for Walgreen's this week:

Dove Shampoo & Conditioner 12 oz, Styling Products 7-9.25 oz.- $4
3/28 RP $1.50/1 Daily Treatment Conditioner
$4 RR

Dulcolax Balance 14day- $10
1/24 SS $1 or $2
3/7 SS Get free bottle of H2O with purchase of Dulcolax Product
$4 MM

Lysol Neutra Air Freshmatic Kit/Airwick I Motion 50% off- should ring up $4
3/7SS $4

Cottonelle 12 rolls- $5
$1 April Coupon Book

Post Cereal- $1.99

Crest 3D White Toothpaste & Toothbrushes- 3/$9
Buy 3 get $3RR
P&G 2/21 $1 off Crest Premium Toothpaste
P&G 3/7 B1G1 Oral B Advantage Manual Toothbrushes
$.66 each after RR

Dentek Floss- $2
SS 1/17 $1
$1 MM

Walgreen's Multi Vitamins- $3
$3 RR

Garnier- $5.99 Buy $20 get $10RR
RP 3/7 $2 Herba Shine
RP 3/7 Shampoo & Conditioner
$1.49-$2.49 each

Betty Crocker Cake Mix, Frosting or Warm Delights- $1
SS 3/28 $.75 Cake Mix & Frosting
GM 2/7/2010 $.50 Frosting
$.50 HERE Warm Delights

Filler Items: Easter Candy $.39 w/in ad coupon, Easter Tumblers or Gift Bag $.13 w/in ad coupon


Transaction #1

1 Dentek Floss $2
-$1 coupon
= $1 + tax
get $2 RR

Transaction #2

1 Dove Daily Treatment Conditioner $4
1 Easter Candy $.39
-$1.50 coupon
-$2 RR from transaction #1
get $4 RR

Transaction #3

1 Dulcolax $10
1 Easter Candy $.39
-$4 coupon
-$4 RR from transaction #2
= $2.39
get $10 RR

Transaction #4

1 Walgreen's Multivitamin $3
1 Crest 3D Toothpaste $9 for 3
2 Oral B Advantage Manual Toothbrushes
1 Dentek Floss $2
1 Betty Crocker Cake Mix $1
1 Betty Crocker Frosting $1
$9 for 3 Crest products
-$1 toothpaste
-$3 B1G1 toothbrush
-$1 floss
get $3RR, $3RR, $1RR= $7RR

Total OOP= $4.53 for $32.78 worth of product and go away with $7 RR

$2.47MM for above 4 transactions

Free Financial Peace Lesson

I received confirmation today of the free Financial Peace FREE lessons available in our area on April 7th. I can't wait to go to refresh and reenergize us on this journey to become debt free! Go HERE to see if there's a class in your area.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Shopping in Orlando

OK, so let me tell you that I am super excited to go to Orlando today. We will be there visiting our son and grandson but there are tons of stores within a 5 mile radius of their home that I never get to shop at. My son was telling me about going to IKEA. I am an IKEA virgin. Yes, that's right. I hadn't even heard of the store until reading some of your blogs. I can't wait to go there and see what they have.

Other stores that I'm going to go check out that I never get to shop at are CVS, Publix and Super Target. I have been checking out blogs of people who regularly shop there and I'm excited to see if I can go score some good deals. I definitely need to set a budget so I don't let my enthusiasm carry me away. Also, paying cash and not using the debit card will be a must. I will let you know how it goes.

Finding Ways to Cut Expenses

Are you trying to find areas in your budget where you can cut expenses? When we did Financial Peace University last year we went over all of our expenses with a fine tooth comb. One of the areas that we were able to cut significantly was our auto and home insurance.

Our auto insurance has been outrageous since our kids started driving. All 3 of them started driving in less than 3 years. When we had them so close we anticipated different expenses and planned and prepared but auto insurance wasn't one of them. Last year we were advised to check out an independent agency. I was shocked at how much they were able to save us. We had been insured with a well known agency for many years and had shopped around several times during these years and hadn't been able to find anyone that could touch the rates that they gave us. Boy, was it a surprise when the quotes came back from the independent agency. Every 6 months we are paying what we had been paying for 2 months for the exact same coverage. Check it out and see what you come up with. It's worth the time!!

Our home policy premium remained the same but we increased our coverage for the same price.

March Grocery Budget

I am actually feeling pretty good about my March grocery budget. This is the first time in my life that I have actually followed a grocery budget and I was able to buy many things that I have or will use to bless others. I included all of the money I spent and didn't take into account the rebates that I will get back.

Next month I am going to do it a little different. How many of you find it really easy to swipe that debit card? Well, I started out the month just using cash but ended up using the dreaded debit card yesterday. I am really starting to feel that it's just as bad as a credit card especially when I come home and balance the checking account. I look back on March's registry and I have several debits which I should have done with cash. These really add up!

I still believe that we can get all we need with $200/month. I'm going to stick with this and see what happens in April.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cowboy Cookies

I thought I would share with you the recipe for my family's favorite cookies. These are always the cookies that are requested by my kids. It also seems appropriate since I live with a real cowboy!

Cowboy Cookies

1 cup butter, softened
1 cup white sugar
1 cup brown sugar
2 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 1/2 cups flour (1/2 whole wheat if desired)
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 cups quick oats
1/2 package chocolate chips
1/2 package white chips
1/2 cup coconut

Cream butter with sugars. Add eggs, beat until fluff. Add vanilla. Sift flour and baking soda together and add to cream mixture. Add oats, chocolate and white chips and coconut.
Bake at 350 degrees, 12-15 minutes. Best if slightly underdone.

A Huge Shoppping Day!!! Saved 92%

Rite Aid trip 2 nights ago(2 transactions): 2 Huggies, 6 Johnson's baby (short add not on sale)= $7.42
Walgreen's: 4 Hot Wheels= $2.58 OOP

Walgreen's (6 transactions, 2 stores): 1-20 double roll Cottonell, 1-6 long lasting roll Scott paper towels, 10 Johnson & Johnson's baby, 2 Ester C, 6 Colgate, 5 Huggies, 2 Enfamil and 1 Excedrin= $25.02 OOP

Target: 6 Outdoor Solar lights, Battleship and Monopoly= $6.14

Family Fare: 8 Spartan Frozen Vegies, 1 pkg. Chicken Breast and 2 boxes Keebler crackers= $8.21

Total OOP= $49.37 for $244.35 worth of products. I will get back $30 in SCR from Rite Aid so total spent will be $19.37.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kinder Surprise Giveaway

Have you ever had these???? We haven't been able to find them in the U.S. but our exchange student daughter is coming from Brazil this week and has promised to bring some. I'm going to sneak 4 of them away from my family to send to one of my readers for Easter basket goodies.

Kinder Surprise Eggs are milk chocolate on the outside with a lining of white chocolate. The fun part is they have a small toy inside the egg.

My drawing will end at noon on Wednesday, March 31st so I have the chance to get them in the mail to the lucky winner.

You have 3 chances to enter to win. Leave a comment below that you read my blog, signed up as a fan on facebook or that you subscribe to my email updates.

Coupon Insert for 3/28

We should be getting the following 4 inserts in our papers on 3/28:

3/28 2 Smart Source & Red Plum & Procter and Gamble

Here are few highlights for next weeks RED PLUM coupon insert.......

Snuggle Fabric Softener Liquid 32 load or larger or Dryer Sheets 70 ct or larger Save $3.00/1
Peach Cream Whipped Souffle 12oz Body Wash or larger or 6-Bar pack or larger Save $1.00/1
Dove Beauty Bar 6-bar pack or larger Save $0.75/1
Half & Half, Heavy Whipping Cream of Coffee Cream Save $0.35/1
Hellman’s Save $0.50/1

Go HERE to see the rest of the coupons

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hot Wheels at Walgreen's

Click on the link below for a great Easter basket item for your little boys or girls. I'm going to go snag some for my grandson! Walgreen's has B1G1 on Hot Wheels this week. They are priced $1.29 each. You can purchase a maximum of 10 with this coupon. Thanks, Saving Addiction

B1G1 Walgreen's Printable Coupon

Monday, March 22, 2010


I went to my local Rite Aid this afternoon. When I started looking for the Johnson & Johnson deals they weren't posted. I also went to get the Ester C B1G1 and it wasn't posted. Apparently, there are different ads/sales for different regions/cities. I put the zip code in of a neighboring city and they are running the above ads so I will have to go there to do my deals.

I did do 2 transactions but felt I was in the twilight zone as I was roaming around Rite Aid trying to figure out why the deals that are posted on the blogs weren't available in my store. I also had a cashier that didn't want to honor any of my coupons. Why didn't I just walk away??????

Rite Aid Baby Deals 3/21 to 3/27

Rite Aid $3 off $15 HERE
Rite Aid $5 off $25 HERE
Huggies $3 off HERE (IE) or HERE (FF) and HERE
Johnson's Baby Product $1 off HERE and HERE

Using the above links you should be able to print off coupons to do the following deals. Remember to hit the back button to print the coupons twice.

Deal Scenario #1
2 Huggies @ $8.99 each = $17.98
3 Johnson & Johnson Baby Wash/Lotion/Oil/Desitin @ $2.99 = $8.97
= $26.95 + tax
-$3 (use 2) Huggies coupon
-$1 (use 3) Johnson & Johnson coupon
-$1 (use 3) in Rite Aid Ad coupon
-$5 off $25 Rite Aid coupon for spending over $25
Total you should pay= $9.95 + tax

Deal Scenario #2
3 Huggies @ $8.99 each = $26.97
-$3 (use 3) Huggies coupon
-$5 off $25 Rite Aid coupon for spending $25
Total you should pay= $12.97 + tax

Deal Scenario #3
2 Huggies @ $8.99 each = $17.98
-$3 (use 2) Huggies coupon
-$3 off $15 Rite Aid coupon for spending $15
Total you should pay = $8.98 + tax

Rite Aid Deal Ideas for 3/21 to 3/27

Here are a few deal scenarios that I've come up with for this week...

2 Ester C B1G1= $8.49
6 Johnson's Baby Product- $2.99 x 6 = $17.94
= $26.43 + tax
-$5 Ester C
-$5 Ester C
-$1(6) Johnson's Baby Product
-$1(6) Johnson's Video Reward
-$5 Rite Aid off $25 purchase
OOP= -$.57

The above transaction will give you $17.94 towards your J&J rebate of spend $50 get $25.

2 Ester C B1G1= $8.49
1 Huggies= $8.99
= $17.48 + tax
-$5 Ester C
-$5 Ester C
-$3 Huggies
-$1 Huggies Video Reward
-$3 Rite Aid off $15
OOP= $.48 + tax

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Quiet Couponing Week

I really wanted to get out and do several deals this week. I had a list and coupons in my purse ready to roll.... I even had vacation days but I also had something better to do. My grandson was in town and I just couldn't bring myself to go shopping when I could hang out with him and my son. The deals will come around again but time with these two guys was a much better deal!

Sunday Coupon Preview 3/21

Go HERE to see the coupons you can get in the paper tomorrow 3/21!

High Value Dove Coupons

Do you like to use Dove products? Go here to score a couple of high scoring coupons.

$2 off and Dove hair care shampoo, conditioner or daily treatment
$1.25 off any Dove body wash 10oz or larger

Friday, March 19, 2010

Meijer Super Saturday Sale

Campbells Chicken Noodle or Tomato Soups $0.33 (limit 12)
-$1/4 Coupon Here (*if tomato is considered a cooking soup) (use 2)
-$1/8 Meijer Coupon = Free wyb 8

1lb Fresh Strawberries $1.00

Sargento Shredded 16oz and String Cheese 12oz $2 (limit 2)
1/31SS -$0.40/2= $1.80

Meijer Frozen Bonless Chicken Breast 40oz= $3.99
YES! I just used my last bag for dinner tonight...Stock Up Price

Joy Dish Soap 30oz $0.89 (limit 2)
2/07PG -$0.30/1 =$.59

Thanks Saving Addiction for these deals!

Rite Aid Deals 3/21 to 3/27

Here's a list of the deals I see for next week at Rite Aid:

Ajax Dish Soap 14oz= $.99

Aquaphor Baby or Skin Care B1G1= 2/$3.50

Colgate Toothpaste 4.6oz = $.99

Desitin 2oz= $2.99
-$1.00 in add coupon= $1.99
(Qualifies for Johnson & Johnson spend $50 get $25 back with mail in rebate)

Finesse Shampoo, Conditioner or Styler B1G1= 2/$2.00

Kraft Mac & Cheese B1G1= 2/$.80

Nestle NestEggs= $1.88

Neutrogena Triple Moist Hair Care= $5.99
(Qualifies for Johnson & Johnson spend $50 get $25 back with mail in rebate)

Salon Grafix or Giga Hold or Got2Be Stylers B1G1= 2/$4.00

Softsoap Pump 7.5oz= $.99

Gatorade 64oz= $1.99
1/10RP -$.50= $1.49

Eucerin Skin Care products B1G1= 2/$4.00
1/24RP -$.50 (use 2)= $3.00

Nabisco Cracker 6-16.5oz= $2.50
1/24SS -$1.00= $1.50

Cover Girl Mascara B1G1= 2/$4.00
2/07PG -$1.25(use 2) = 2/$1.50

Campbells Cream Soups B1G1= 2/$.90
2/07SS -$.20= 2/$.70

Sundown Vitamins or Supplements B1G1= 2/$4.00
2/21RP -$.50 (use 2)= 2/$3.00

Tylenol Childrens Cold or Pain Medicine 4oz= 2/$4.99
2/21RP-$1.50/2= 2/$3.49

Ester C Supplements B1G1= 2/$11.00
2/21SS -$5.00(use 2)= 2/$1.00

Kleenex Viva Choose A Size Paper Towels single roll=$1.99
2/21SS- $.60= $1.39

Pledge Wipes 18ct= $2.99
2/28SS -$1.00= $1.99

Always Maxi Pads, Pantiliners or Wipes= $1.99
newspaper coupon
$1.00 mail in rebate= $.99

Tampax Tampons 20ct= $1.99
newspaper coupon
$1.00 mail in rebate=$.99

Johnson Baby Care Products 15oz= $1.99
- newspaper coupon= $.99
(Qualifies for Johnson & Johnson spend $50 get $25 back with mail in rebate)

Starburst Jelly Beans=$1.50
3/07RP-$.50= $1.00

Barilla Pasta 16oz= $.99
3/07SS-$.55= $.44

Benadryl Allergy=
(Qualifies for Johnson & Johnson spend $50 get $25 back with mail in rebate)

Hershey, Reeses or Cadbury Easter Candy 8-10oz=

Schick Xtreme 3 Disposable Razors 8ct or Quattro Disposable 3ct= $7.49
3/21SS- $4.00= $3.49

St Ives Body Wash B1G1= 2/$2.50
3/21SS-$.50(use 2)= 2/$1.50

St Ives Facial product B1G1= 2/$2.50
3/21SS-$.75(use 2)= 2/$1.00

Van Camps Pork & Beans 15oz B1G1= 2/$.75
3/21SS (use 2)= 2/$.50

Ziploc bags=$1.99
3/21SS -$.40= $1.59

Ziploc Containers 3-4ct =$1.44
3/21SS -$.55= $1.44

Deals Scenarios Coming Soon!


I thought it would be fun to let you know a little about me and why I started this blog. I am a middle age (ouch) mom of 2 boys and a girl who are in their twenties. I am a proud grandma to Cash Aaron who is currently 8 months old. I have been married to my husband Mark for 27 years. We live in south west Michigan and I work at a local hospital as a C.T. Technologist where I've worked for the past 18 years.

My first priority is my personal relationship with Jesus. My husband and I are trying to live a life so that we show our love of Him in our actions. Mark and I both love to give and have a heart for helping others. We have hosted many people from other countries in our home over the years. We have a home with an "open door" policy and love to have family and friends gather around our kitchen table. I have a heart for children and orphans and continue to look for ways God wants me to use this call he has placed in my heart.

I have been blogging for several years but my previous blogs were about our adoption journey. I started this blog after Mark and I had a conversation about our finances and how we needed to get things in order. After our international adoption fell through last August we found ourselves uncomfortable/panicky with the amount of debt we had accumulated. We had taken Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University a year ago and KNEW we needed to implement his plan. I started this blog as a means for me to be accountable. I have never been good at making or following a budget and I knew that I needed something to help me keep with it. I have always thought I could work harder and earn more and keep up with our spending. I have found myself unbalanced doing this and know that we need to follow a budget immediately.

I came up with the name of my blog because of the season's of life we all go through. I am currently in the grandma season and loving it. Mark and I are working towards the season in our lives where we can build our retirement home on property that we have purchased in the Black Hills of South Dakota. We can't do this until our debt is paid off and our retirement accounts are in order.

Now for the fun stuff. I have had an absolute blast going and doing the deals. It's like a treasure hunt for me. I am able to meet the need I have for giving by getting the deals that are really cheap or free and being able to have things to bless others with. I have accumulated a huge coupon stash and I am constantly on the other blogs to see if there are any new deals. My husband calls couponing my new hobby. My friends think I'm a little addicted. I acknowledge the addiction and don't want help!

I hope that you enjoy my site and that I can help you in some way so that you can achieve financial freedom like we are trying to do.

Many Blessings,


Thursday, March 18, 2010

KMart $10 off $20

Wow, there's a coupon HERE for $10 off $20 purchase and is valid from 3/15/2010 through 5/22/2010. That means it can be used during the week of KMart doubles. This should make for some awesome bargains!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I Messed UP!!!!


I'm so mad. I made a mathematically error and ended up being shy $1.80 for my Proctor and Gamble purchases last week and will miss out on my $10 rebate check.

New Blog Design

I'm so excited. After many hours of trying to redo my blog layout I found a wonderful lady to redo it for me. I can't wait to see what she does!! If you are interested in adding something to your blog please look at her site. Click on the button in my side bar or on Custom Blog Design. Check out what Diana can do for you.

Fun Target Run

It's been awhile since I went to Target since they give me a hard time when I use coupons. I had several things to get today that I had coupons for and the lady at the service desk was someone I know (bonus!). I did the cereal price matching with the Walgreen's add. I got...

4 boxes of Raisin Bran
4 Johnson soap buddies
2 Soft Scrub
1 Air Wick I Motion
2 Cheerios Cups

OOP= $6.79 including tax and I left with a $5 gift card.

I think I'll go back before the end of the week and get some Frosted Mini Wheats. My favorite!


I did great at Walgreen's today. I bought...

2 Ester C (which we needed because we ran out of Vit. C last week when everyone had colds)
2 Planters Trail Mix
5 flour
1 Colgate
1 Cadbury Egg

OOP= $2.11 saved $42.69 WOW!

Rite Aid Trip

I just ran into Rite Aid today to get a few things. I'm going back to finish my shopping for this week once I get my coupons organized. I did pretty good. I got...

6 bags of Hershey's/Cadbury candy
2 Carefree panty liners

OOP= $3.32

Monday, March 15, 2010

I've had so much fun with this blog. I've been trying to decide what I'll add to it and which direction I should go. So here are a few of my ideas.

  • I love to share with you the different scenarios that I find from money saving blogs. A few of my favorite sites are to your right. I did a coupon match up for Family Fare last night and really didn't enjoy doing it so I won't be doing those. There are so many out there that do a marvelous job with this.
  • I want to share my thoughts and ideas with you about how to be a good steward of the money that God has blessed your family with. I am using this site as an accountability place for myself and hopefully by watching me you will learn something
  • I would love to have you ask me question about "anything". We are all in a different place on our journey through this life and it's always helpful to hear how others are walking their walk. Our favorite family spot is sitting around our kitchen table and laughing and talking for hours with family and friends. Come join me by posting discussion topics that you would like to get someone elses opinion on.
  • Coming next month I have a family of 8 that has offered to be my experiment. They are going to let me analyze their grocery spending to see how much money we can save them by doing the deals and making a menu. I ran into H at the store the other day while I was getting my "deals" and she jokingly asked me to shop for her. It sparked an idea and so I am going to attempt this. Right now H is saving her receipts for 1 month and then we'll get going.
  • Our family LOVES traditions. I'll will be sharing these with you as we journey through our life. My husband and I are in a new season of our lives as grandparents. It's AMAZING!
  • We are enjoying the season we're in right now but are anticipating the next season of our lives. Saving4aseason is the account of working towards building a home in the Black Hills of South Dakota ( header photo is our property) and being able to move into that season of our lives DEBT FREE!
I am still brain storming and open to which direction God leads me with this. I'm having fun doing it and sharing with you all!


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Family Fare 3/14 to 3/20

Here are the deals at Family Fare this week:

Tropicana $1.99 (3/14RP-$1/1, 2/21RP-$1/2)
Milk Gallon 2/$4
Breyers Ice Cream 3/$10
Seedless Navel Oranges/Ida Red Apples $2.99
Folgers Coffee $1.99
Campbell's Chunky Soup .99
Lay's Potato Chips $1.97

Whole Boneless New York Strip $2.99/lb
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast/Thighs $1.99/lb
Boneless Beef Chuck Roast $2.39/lb
Boneless Pork Loin Center Cut Roast/Chops B1G1
Fresh Corned Beef Brisket $2.29/lb
Eckrich Meet Franks/Bologna/Cotto Salami B1G1
Chicken Leg Quarters .79/lb
Smithfield Premium Sliced Turkey/Ham $3.29 (2/28SS-.55)
Tyson Chicken or Steak Strips $2.79 (2/7SS $1/1)

Hidden Valley Salad Dressing 2/$5 (3/14SS-$2/1)
Betty Crocker Tuna Helper 4/$5 (3/7SS,2/7SS-.75/3)
Hormel Chili 3/$5 (1/24SS- .55/2)
Classico Pasta Sauce 2/$5 (3/14SS buy 2 save $1.50 on fresh beef)

Spartan Shredded Cheese 3/$5
Country Crock Spread $1.79 (3/7RP or 4/4RP -.30)
Egg Land's Best Large Eggs 2/$4 (11/1S or 3/31- .35)
Dannon Yogurt 10/$4 (3/14S- .60/6)
International Delight Coffee Creamer 3/$5 (3/7SS- $1/2)
Kraft Chunk Cheese 3/$6
Pillsbury Refrigerated Bread 3/$5 (1/24SS, 1/31SS -.35/1)
Healthy Choice Dinners or Cafe Steamers 2/$6 (3/14- $1/4)

Wheat Thins/Triscuit 2/$5 (1/24SS- $1/1)
Keebler Fudge Shoppe 2/$5 (3/7RP- .55/2)
Easter M&M's $2.77 (3/7RP-$1/3 or 3/7RP B2G1

Buy 5 Kellogg's Cereal get $5 off Spartan Milk
Orville Redenbacher's Microwave Popcorn 2/$5 (3/14SS-$1/4)
General Mills Cereal $2.79 (3/7SS- $1/2, 2/21SS $1/1)
Crystal Light Drink Mix B1G1

Herbal Essences $2.77 (3/14RP-$1/1)
Aussie $2.77 (3/14RP-Buy 1 get $2.00 off any styler, 2/14RP $1/1)
Head & Shoulders 2/$9 (3/7PG-$1/1)

Organic Salad Blends 2/$5
Red, Yukon Gold or Idaho Potatoes/Baby Carrots 2lb 2/$5

The Works Cleaners 3/$5
Lysol Disinfectant Spray $4.99 (3/14SS- $1/1)
Lyson All Purpose Cleaner 2/$5 (3/14SS- .50/1
Arm & Hammer 2X Laundry Detergent B1G1

Those are the best deals and coupon match ups that I see this week. Happy Shopping!

It's All About Balance!

Balance: to consider one thing in reference to another; to weigh one possibility against another possibility.

I've been thinking about balance a lot this week. I have to admit I've never been very good at making sure that I balance things in my life. I am the one that jumps feet first, with gusto, into everything I do. This can be good because I always give my best but I am realizing that I have cheated God and my family out of some of my best. I would love to hear ideas from all of you out there regarding your efforts to make sure that you have a balanced life with our cultur that encourages overcommitment. Please share with me how you go about doing this.

Let me be weighed in an even balance, that God may know mine integrity. Job 31:6

My First Give Away WINNERS!!!

One of my little friends just did an "official" draw for my Easter Egg Hunt giveaway. The winners are........



JoAnn, please send your contact info to me at

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Leaving Comments

It's fixed......please try again to leave a comment. Thanks Marina for letting me know this function wasn't working. Sorry all who have tried to enter my giveaway!!!!!!!

For some reason I'm having a problem with the comments section of my blog. SORRY! I'm trying to figure out why comments can't be left.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Rite Aid 3/14 to 3/21

Check out the new Rite Aid deals at my friends over at Saving Addiction. They do an awesome job of posting them. candy next week. Also, the Renpure shampoo/conditioner deal they have posted should be a $6.00 moneymaker because each bottle has a tag on it for a mail in rebate to "try me free". I'll be posting some deal scenarios once I see the full add. Stay tuned!

Rite Aid 75% off

While I was at Rite Aid today they had cart fulls of items that were 75% off. I didn't have time to match my coupon with any of these items but I'm hoping to get back tomorrow to check out the deals. Many of the items that I saw on clearance are things I'm pretty sure I have coupons for.

I LOVE Rite Aid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Above is a picture of all my deals. Missing is a diet coke, snickers and skittles. I stopped by to show my daughter my good deals on her lunch hour and she needed some sugar. I also purchased a Rite Aid bag to carry my coupon box in. I am so excited that I discovered Rite Aid that I want to advertise their company!

I couldn't stay away from Rite Aid today and went to do a few more deals. I spent $13.80 and received $144.25 worth of products. I will also be getting back $21.00 in rebates. Sooooo, when all is said and done I made a profit of $7.20.

I did 5 transactions and went to 3 different Rite Aid stores in my town. I wanted to check out how coupon friendly they were. Two of the stores were amazing. The cashier had to call the managers of both of these stores to complete my transactions because they had problems with a couple of the coupons. At one of the stores the manager asked me how I got my information to do their deals and I gave him a few of my favorite blogs. At the third store the cashier was totally overwhelmed with the idea of handling coupons. She wanted to ring each item separately which of course would have messed me up using the $5/$20 and $5/$25 coupons. I just smiled and told her I would go to another store in town that was used to handling my coupons.

Financial Peace University

Financial Peace University

Free Lesson Registration

This lesson is totally free—no strings attached! It’s our gift to your community during this tough economy. The lesson will consist of Dave teaching his steps to get out of debt, build wealth, and save for the future. These principles apply to everyone—whether wealthy or struggling in debt.

We expect seats to fill up quickly, so we are still adding host locations to make sure everyone can find a class to attend. The free lessons will be held the week of April 5th - 12th. After registration, we will send you an email with a list of locations hosting the free lesson in your area. Then, you can choose where you would like to attend!

My husband and I did the Financial Peace University last year for 3 months. This is it you guys!! If you can embrace the principals here you'll get your debt licked. Go HERE to register. You have nothing to lose but debt.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

March Grocery Budget

Meijer: 2 gallons milk, 8 Barilla pasta, sour cream, 3 Aunt Millie's bread, 2 Aunt Millie's bagels, 8 Rice-A-Roni, 8 Progresso soup, 8 Coffeemate, 2 vinegar, 1 cooking spray, and1 asparagus
Family Fare: 4 packs Diet Coke, 1 baby carrots, 1 cabbage, 2 5lb potatoes, 2 Charmin, 3 Roma tomatoes, 1 green pepper, 3lbs ground beef, 1 pork roast, and 6 1lb butters.

My grocery trip today included several stock up opportunities but I've come real close to spending my entire budget for the month of March.

I went to Meijer first and spent a total of $33.24 and saved $49.95. I then went on to Family Fare where they had several things that we were out of that I wanted to stock up on. There I spent $60.38 (ouch) and saved $29.43.

Target Coupons In the Mail Today!

I received $29.00 worth of Target coupons in the mail today. Included are:

$1 off Tyson Entree
$1 off 3-pk Trident gum
$1 off Head & Shoulder w/purchase of 2 others
$5 Norelco replacement shaver heads
$3 off Kids Essentials
$.75 off Swiffer
$1.50 off Bertoli frozen meal
$1 off Green & Black's organic candy bar
$1 off Olay
$.75 off Right Guard Deodorant
$1 off Tylenol Cough & Cold
$1 off Charmin 6pk or larger
$1 off Lean Pockets w/purchase of 2
$.50 off 20oz SoBe
$1 off Irish Spring/Soft Soap Body Wash or 2 Soft Soap pumps
$1 off Colgate
$1 off Tylenol
$.50 off 3pk Kleenex
$.75 off Kellogg's or Kashi Cereal
$1 off Pop Secret
$1 off Maybelline
$1.50 off Pull-Ups
$1 off Glade air care
$1 off OxiClean

They're all good through 4/19/2010

Easter Egg Hunt Giveaway!

You only have 4 more days to sign up for my Easter Egg Hunt giveaway. Don't forget to share with us your favorite family Easter Traditions for a chance to win!!

Counting the Cost!

Since this is the first month that we have actually set a grocery budget that we ARE going to stick to I have been very conscious of any money that we are spending on food. Last night I didn't feel like cooking so decided to order pizza. We got two mediums with 3 items. Total was $18.01. That's almost 10% of my monthly grocery budget for 1 meal and a lunch the next day with leftovers. While we don't eat out very much, when putting it in perspective like this, it really makes you think about things. I also am a huge fan of having at least 1 20oz diet coke at work each day. I usually get it out of a vending machine and it costs me $1.50/day. If I were to do this 5 days a week for a year it would cost me $390.00. This week coke products are on sale at Family Fare for 4/$11.00 which is $2.75/each for 6 20 oz diet cokes. By buying my diet coke from the store and taking it to work with me I will be saving $271.75. My mind is whirling with such a minor change. That adds up to almost 2 plane tickets to go see my grandson each year just by planning ahead and counting the cost.


I tried to sign into my blogger account today and it wouldn't let me. They said I had a violation or suspicious activity on my account. I started thinking of alternatives and took a few minutes break. I came back and it let me on once I changed my password. I've had this account for 6 years and am so thankful I was able to continue!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Is Your Local KMart Store Participating in Super Doubles?

KMart just released a list of their stores that will be participating in the double coupons starting 4/4. Check here to see if your local store is participating. Check back in a few weeks and I will be posting a product and coupon match up for the best deals I find.

Thanks Bargain Blessings

Tuesday, March 9, 2010 - Summer Jobs and Seasonal Jobs in Great Places - Summer Jobs and Seasonal Jobs in Great Places

This is my all time favorite site to search for jobs for my children and their friends (people with no responsibilities that can just take off). Both of my sons have found summer jobs after high school from this site. They are exciting, amazing positions where they have grown and gained invaluable life experiences. My oldest son worked 2 summers in a remote camp in the Smokies and then went for 2 summers to a ranch in Idaho. My other son has gone for 4 years to a YMCA camp in Colorado where he started out being a camp counselor and then went on to be a trip guide. I'm hoping that once my husband and I retire we can take advantage of this site for short term positions also. Check it out!!

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Rite Aid Money Maker Deals

Happy Rite Aid Shopping!!! Let me know if you come up with any more Money Maker Scenarios.


Buy 2 Gillette Invisible Solid or Gel Deodorants 2/$8
Buy 2 Gillette Body Washes $5.29 each
Buy 2 Starburst B1G1 $1.49 each
Total = $20.07
Use the $5/$20 Rite Aid Coupon from watching your videos on Rite Aid site
Use 2 $4/2 deodorant coupons from the 2/21 PG
Use 2 Buy 1 Gillette deodorant and Get 1 Gillette Body Wash free coupons from the 3/7 PG
Use B1G1 free coupon from Facebook Fan
Need $1 filler item
Pay tax
Get back a $2 SCR
$2.00 Money Maker


Buy 2 Almay One Coat Nourishing Mascara $5.99 (based on on-line price)
Buy 2 Old Spice Fresh Collection Deodorants 2/$8
Buy 2 Old Spice Odor Blocker Body Wash $4.79 each (based on on-line price)
Total = $23.57

Use the $5/$20 Rite Aid coupon from watching your videos on Rite Aid Site

Use 2 $2/1 coupons from the 2/7 SS
Use the $1/2 Old Spice deodorants coupon from the 2/7 PG, 2/21 PG or 3/7 PG
Use 2 Buy 1 Old Spice Fresh Collection deodorant and Get 1 Old Spice Odor Blocker Body Wash free coupons from the 3/7 PG
Pay $4

Get a $5 Single Check Rebate #7 (when you buy 2 Almay cosmetics; Limit 1)

Get a $2 Single Check Rebate #34 (Limit 1)

$3.00 Money Maker

DEAL #3 (Thanks Hip2Save)

Olay Skin or Bath Care Products Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off (excludes Olay Professional Pro-X)
Deal Scenario (based on on-line price):
Buy 1 Olay Regenerist Regenerating Facial Moisturizer $19.99
Buy 2 Olay In-Shower Body Lotions $4.99 each (one should ring up 50% off due to sale)
Total $27.48
Use the $5/$20 Rite Aid Video Values coupon found here
Use the $3/1 Olay Regenerist coupon from the 2/7 PG or 3/7 PG
Use the Buy 1 Olay Regenerist moisturizer and Get 1 Olay Body lotion free coupon from the 2/21 PG
Pay $14.49
Submit for the $15 Olay rebate found here
Final Cost all FREE + a $0.50 moneymaker!

Coffee Mate Stick Packs B1G1

I love coffee mate. In fact I am planning on making a run to Meijer this week to stock up on the liquid creamer that's on sale for $1.50. I just learned of a coupon for the sticks. Go here to print off a coupon for B1G1.

Thanks (GiveMeNeither)

Leaving a Legacy

I receive a devotional each day from Proverbs 31 ministries. I really felt compelled to share today's devotion with all of you. What kind of legacy are you leaving? What hand prints are you leaving not only on your family but others? I was very fortunate to have a great example to follow. My earthly father left a legacy that I pray I can obtain the magnitude of some day. He lived each day as if it was his last, he kept his hands open and didn't hold on to any earthly things and he loved everyone! Take a moment to read the above devotion!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Free Auntie Anne's Pretzel

Sign up HERE for the Auntie Anne's perks club to get coupons for free pretzels.

In My Mail Today

Woohoo! When I got home today I had 3 things waiting for me in my mailbox. I received a $10.00 rebate check from Johnson & Johnson. There was also a skein of coral lipstick yarn from naturallycaron and the biggest surprise was an envelope with 3 coupons for Lawry's products. I sent Lawry's an email last week telling them how much our family uses Lawry's seasoning salt. My daughter and I had gone to Meijer's and purchased 2 shakers of it while it was on sale and had a Meijer Mealbox coupon. While my children were growing up I had to keep a small shaker of Lawry's in my purse so that my kids would eat their meat and vegetables. It has also traveled overseas with us. It's a food group in our house.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

March Grocery Budget

I did so well at Rite Aid but we needed a few things at Family Fare so I ran in there. I spent $19.70 and saved $9.97.

2 gallons milk
16lb Kit & Kaboodle cat food
2/gallon size storage bags
2/sandwich bags

I love Rite Aid..spent $.96+tax...saved $80.92

I have never couponed at Rite Aid. After going to a class that saving addiction held last week I was inspired to try it out. Man have I been missing out. My local Rite Aid is super duper friendly. The manager is the one that waited on me. My coupons for my B1G1 Covergirl makeup beeped and he was persistant until he got it to work. I did 3 transactions and spent a total of $.96. I will get back a SCR for $5.00 for the John Frieda so I actually made a profit of $4.04. The shelf price of my products that I purchased was $81.88. I have become a lover of Rite Aid as of right now!!!
3 John Frieda Shampoo/Conditioner
3 Travel kit Renu
4 Starburst
2 Covergirl Trublend
2 Covergirl Clean
2 Hershey Bliss

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Date Night

My husband and I have made a habit of going to Barnes & Nobles almost every Saturday night. We enjoy reading and looking at magazines. We dream about building our retirement home and search the magazines for the perfect plan. We frequently see the same people hanging out there each week. We usually each get a cappuchino and our date night costs about $7.00.

In My Mail This Week

Boy is it fun to get freebies and checks in the mail. I received 4 things this week.

I got a check for $15.00 from Proctor & Gamble for the Olay Regenerist Rebate
I got a Pampers Cruisers sample which includes 3 diapers
I got my coupon for FREE Excedrin
and I received a coupon for a free 12oz bottle of Holland House Premium Vinegar.

Gas Savings

I just stopped at my local gas station to get some gas. I usually just swipe my debit card and fill up. I have always rationalized that I need to have gas because my job requires that I am "on call". I average about 20 trips a week to my workplace which is a 20 mile round trip. When I stopped at the gas station I saw a sign for 3cents off per gallon if you pay for a gas card. I am committed to using cash only so thought I could just run in and pay for a gas card to save a few cents. After I filled up I figured out how much it saved me just this one trip. When I got home I pulled up my checking acct. records to see how much I spent in gas last year. I could have save about $30.00 over the course of the year. I know this doesn't sound like much but we put gas in 3 cars and $30.00 in my pocket is better than in someone else. I am going to continue now that I have figured this out to put my cash on a card so I can save on my gas.


Friday, March 5, 2010

Family Fare $6.44 OOP...Saved $14.50

I also went to Family Fare this evening for the General Mills cereal deal which I saw HERE. I got 6 boxes of Chex cereal and paid $6.94 OOP. I received back a catalina for $6.00 towards my next milk purchase. I am so excited about this because my family loves my famous Chex party mix. It will taste even better knowing that it was virtually free!

Family Fare is on my way to work so this $6.00 milk catalina will come in real handy in the next week.

Meijer's $51.66 OOP..Saved $93.41

I went to Meijer today to take advantage of this week's deals. I purchased:

20 boxes instant oatmeal packets
8 cans Meijer organic tomatoes
5 Kraft block cheese
5 Kraft shredded cheese
2 Ritz Crackers
3 Dynamo
2 Tropicana OJ (because my honey's sick and needs Vitamin C)

I did this in 2 transaction and left with 2 catalinas each for $3.00 off my next order.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Grocery Budget


Here it goes. We have never had a grocery budget. Siggghhhh. Oh how I wish we had learned all of this so many years ago. Or that when we learned it last year we had been better about implementing what we learned. I feel very motivated to really buckle down now and be not just a good steward but a great steward of what God has blessed our family with! I have been couponing for over a year but it was more of a game for me and the excitement of the hunt than it was actually trying to meet a budget. Our family is in a position now where it is vital that we set a budget and follow it with conviction. Our last child will graduate from college in 2 months which will free up money that we have been using over the past 6 years to get our 3 children through college debt free. Unfortunately, our debt has increased during this time. Also, we have been sponsoring a young lady in Kazakhstan and she also will be graduating in a few months.

We have 3 adults currently living in our home. For 3 months this summer we will have 7 adults living with us. My sister and her family are missionaries in Kazakhstan and they will be coming home and living with us during their furlough. Yippppeeeee!!!! After that time we will have 4 adults living with us as their son will stay with us to attend college when they return to the mission field. I'm thinking that if I can get a great stockpile going now we will be able to continue our same budget even during the summer while they are here. Also, I am planning on planting a garden which will help with fresh vegies.

I am going to set our monthly budget at $200. I am going set out $40/month of this to use at Walgreen's, RiteAid and Target.

Keep me accountable!!! I would love any encouragement you can send my way. My husband and I both feel that God has a great plan in store for us once we get our debt paid off!!

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