Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sure Deodorant Money Maker- Walgreen's

I went to Walgreen's tonight to get my free Sure deodorant and much to my surprise found some with a "Try Me Free" sticker on them. I not only got them for free from Walgreen's but now I get to send in for $2.99 rebate.

Saving For College

We just had a milestone in our family. One of our sons graduated from college with a bachelor's degree. He is the first person in my husband's family to ever get a 4 year college degree. When we first started having children my husband was very determined to save for our children's college educations. You see, he came from a family that told him it was stupid to go to college. We started our children's college savings accounts when the son that graduated this past weekend was born. At that time we had 2 boys and when our daughter was born we started hers. This is how we did it. We had an automatic debit come out of our checking account for 18 years for $100/month per child. There were many times when we wanted to stop it because things were tight but we made it work and knew that in the end it would pay off. Over the course of 18 years we put approx. $21000 in each of our kids accounts and when it was time for them to attend college they each had a little over $30000. WOW! I'm so glad that we were able to give our children this gift. It has opened up so many more opportunities for them to explore because they aren't saddled with tons of student loans and college debt.

I'm not sure who celebrated more, our son or us. I also want to give tons of credit to my son because he lived a very frugal lifestyle during his college years to make it work.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Why Don't We Get Out of DEBT????

Wow, what a question! This was posed to us in our Financial Peace University class last night. There are many answers to this question but one of my reasons is that I don't like saying NO. I don't like saying NO to my children. I don't like saying NO to my spouse. I don't like saying NO to my friends and family. And I especially don't like saying NO to myself. One of the things that was brought to our attention is that we've lost HOPE. That really got my attention. I want my hope restored and I want to get this heavy load off my shoulders. It's going to take work, HARD work and discipline. No more excuses. It's time to start saying NO to everything but the necessities for a time. That's right. It will just be for a time. We can do this and the rewards will be so worth it. Here are a few steps that will get us going with "gazelle" intensity.

1. Quit borrowing.
2. Get $1000 in an Emergency Fund.
3. Pray really hard!!
4. Start selling stuff.

Our heavenly Father is really rich and he loves us like crazy! He has a plan for us to prosper. We can only do His work if we are not in bondage to a lender.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Walgreen's OOP $3.81 for $82.61 Worth of Items

I did great at Walgreen's today.

Transaction #1 & 2

6 3M Packing Tape
1 Stayfree Maxi Pads
1 Plackers Dental Stix
1 Nestle Crunch Bar (filler)
Total OOP= $.32+ tax

Did this twice and used $2.50RR that I had from last week each time. I received back a $3RR and a $2RR from the above transactions x 2.

Transaction #3

8 Hallmark Graduation Cards
5 3M Packing Tape
Total OOP= $1.87+ tax
Used 2 $2RR and 1 $3RR from the above transaction. Received back a $5RR from the 8 Hallmark $.99 cards.

Transaction #4

2 Ziploc Freezer bags
1 Plackers Dental Stixs
1 Butterfinger
Total OOP= $1.30+ tax

This was actually a MONEY MAKER because I still have a $5RR and a $2RR from the last 2 transaction.


Friday, April 23, 2010

Walgreen's $.08 Money Maker

I did well at Walgreen's today too!

3 Puffs Tissue
8 Black Forest Gummie Bears
1 Kotex U Tampons

Total OOP= $2.42 but received back a RR for $2.50

Go To Meijer NOW!!!

I had an amazing trip to Meijer today. I did 4 transactions. My total OOP was $38.36 for $173.27 worth of groceries! Woooohoooooooo!!! Here's what I got:

9 Kraft Chunk Cheese
10 Betty Crocker Cake Mixes
8 Betty Crocker Frosting
4 Freschetta Pizza
4 (5 pack) Kraft Mac & Cheese
6 Kraft 100 Calorie Cheese Packages
6 Breakstone Cottage Cheese Doubles
1 gallon milk
2 1/2 gallons Horizon Organic Chocolate Milk
4 Capri Sun
2 (12 pack) Nabisco Snack packs
2 Greenworks wipes
4 Dial Hand Soap
2 Oreo Fudge Cremes
2 Bisquick
3 Sub Lunchables
1 Miracle Whip
5 Oscar Mayer Lunch Meat

I also did two of my transactions backward so I still have coupons for $6 off my next order. Thanks Saving Addiction for all of the match ups!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Coupon Teacher: 6 Ways to Help Your Favorite Blogger (Even if it isn’t me)!

Coupon Teacher: 6 Ways to Help Your Favorite Blogger (Even if it isn’t me)!

Go to the above link to read a great article by a fellow blogger on how to best support your favorite bloggers.

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