Thursday, April 29, 2010

Why Don't We Get Out of DEBT????

Wow, what a question! This was posed to us in our Financial Peace University class last night. There are many answers to this question but one of my reasons is that I don't like saying NO. I don't like saying NO to my children. I don't like saying NO to my spouse. I don't like saying NO to my friends and family. And I especially don't like saying NO to myself. One of the things that was brought to our attention is that we've lost HOPE. That really got my attention. I want my hope restored and I want to get this heavy load off my shoulders. It's going to take work, HARD work and discipline. No more excuses. It's time to start saying NO to everything but the necessities for a time. That's right. It will just be for a time. We can do this and the rewards will be so worth it. Here are a few steps that will get us going with "gazelle" intensity.

1. Quit borrowing.
2. Get $1000 in an Emergency Fund.
3. Pray really hard!!
4. Start selling stuff.

Our heavenly Father is really rich and he loves us like crazy! He has a plan for us to prosper. We can only do His work if we are not in bondage to a lender.



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