Monday, April 26, 2010

Walgreen's OOP $3.81 for $82.61 Worth of Items

I did great at Walgreen's today.

Transaction #1 & 2

6 3M Packing Tape
1 Stayfree Maxi Pads
1 Plackers Dental Stix
1 Nestle Crunch Bar (filler)
Total OOP= $.32+ tax

Did this twice and used $2.50RR that I had from last week each time. I received back a $3RR and a $2RR from the above transactions x 2.

Transaction #3

8 Hallmark Graduation Cards
5 3M Packing Tape
Total OOP= $1.87+ tax
Used 2 $2RR and 1 $3RR from the above transaction. Received back a $5RR from the 8 Hallmark $.99 cards.

Transaction #4

2 Ziploc Freezer bags
1 Plackers Dental Stixs
1 Butterfinger
Total OOP= $1.30+ tax

This was actually a MONEY MAKER because I still have a $5RR and a $2RR from the last 2 transaction.




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