Wednesday, April 7, 2010

KMart....Day 3.....Not so SMOOOOTHH!

I went to do the Soft Scrub deal that I had posted last night. I was so excited! They only had 3 of the Soft Scrub Total Kitchen but had plenty of the regular. That was OK because I had coupons for all of it. I didn't think the Total Kitchen was included in the deal so when I added up my products to reach $30 and they rang up on sale I didn't reach the $30. Also, the cash register wouldn't take all of my B1G1 coupons. I was told that KMart won't accept a coupon in a B1G1 scenario for the product you're buying and that's how their computers are programmed. BUMMER. I still made out pretty good but it didn't end up being the money maker that I thought it would be.

Transaction #1

4 Dove Deodorant
1 Bumblebee Tuna Pouch
Total OOP= $.91 + tax
Received a $5 off my next purchase for purchasing the Dove

Transaction #2

9 Soft Scrub
2 Dentyne
Total OOP= $6.97 + tax
Received a $5 off my next merchandise purchase for purchasing the Soft Scrub.

OK, so now I look at these numbers and laugh at myself because it really was a GREAT deal for all that I bought!!

Also, I had talked to the manager yesterday asking where the rebate forms were for the P&G gift card. He told me that they didn't have them and if it didn't print from my receipt I woldn't get it. LOL! I found the rebate form today in his store on an end cap in the Tide display.



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